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Lynn Arce, Founder and CMO

Lynn has always had thirst for knowledge. After graduating from college, she immediately pursued graduate studies in Marketing because of her deep love for Product Management and Advertising. The challenge of meeting customer expectations while keeping innovative and creative practices to upstage competition fueled her interest to continue in this field. She helped people and brands came up with inventive ways to solve problems—from tapping new markets by launching new drinks and processed cheese to improving the product formulation for better profitability. Although she had her eyes on the business side of the organization, she never left embracing the creative spectrum of branding. Until now, she would catch herself stopping in the grocery store or beach boardwalk and admiring how some popular or emerging brands cleverly used lines, shapes, colors, and words to communicate and differentiate themselves from the rest. She believed that there is no cease-and-desist order so to speak for a life-long journey of enhancing one's craft.

With that mindset, she continued her passion by studying the best practices of companies and brands taught by prestigious schools, like Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland.


When she is not working, she is on the computer writing and illustrating her next book or laughing at some social media memes. And if her work station is empty, you will definitely find her on the beach eating french fries and taking pictures of the birds, piers, waves, the sunsets, and everything in between.  

Let's talk:

CAGE: 97C17

DUNS: 118394920

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